FABULOUS MANAGEMENT was built on our 25 years experience in managing what was, in 1993, the world's very first online entertainment booking agency - Sparkle Agency.    Our extensive roster included many of the pioneering DJ acts that set the scene for the  electronic music scene today, including many of the first internationally renowned female DJs .  We expanded into live acts, musicians, and cabaret to meet customer demands in a thriving industry.   


With today's market saturated with DJs, bands, live acts and performers who all have direct access to media and social networks that allow them to promote themselves to an ever more competitive market - we reviewed our business model and and decided to move to a management, artist promotion, and booking service focused on a carefully selected roster of artists that provide best in class entertainment and continue to stand out head and shoulders in an competitive market. 

Our agents have a wide experience in the industry being previously performing artists, promoters and music business managers. - we've been there, we know our markets and our business.   Our founding agency had a 21-year unbroken artist appearance record, something we are immensely proud of, and, as far as we know, unparalleled in our industry.  That unique record is  continued here at Fabulous Management and we look forward to continuing contact with our existing booking customers and making new contacts for Fabulous Management. 

Kind regards


Spike Hull, Agency Director